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  • Matthew Verity

The origin of Greisen Group

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

It's always hard to recall the specific order in which inspiration comes, but let's start with how Sarah (my wife and partner) and I came to even be spending our Saturday evening envisioning the future and arriving at Greisen Group as the masthead name for our new combined venture.

For me, it was an awakening after 25years in the Technology Industry that I wanted to direct my frustrations from watching my industry grow stale, for Sarah it was a desire to come up with a strong name to back an idea. Embrace Different had already been agreed to as a tagline we wanted to run with encompassing our combined desire to try offer something different from the way in which technology services are commercially bought to market.

As mentioned, it was Saturday night, so I'm not afraid to admit that an element of courage and inspiration from the web lead us to Wikipedia and a a little known rock called Greisen.

Greisen (see image below) is "a light-coloured rock containing quartz, mica, and fluorine-rich minerals, resulting from the alteration of granite by hot vapour from magma." Is it valuable ? No.....Is it rare ? No....Is it beautiful ? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I'd suggest No also. So what is it that caught our attention ? ........Something Different. Our first thought looking at this piece of perfect rock "stained" quickly changed as we recognised that rather than imperfection Greisen in the granite represented something that stood out from the regular. As in nature where Greisen provides a break from the normal, Sarah and I look to provide a different a set of brands offering different approaches to common problems.

I rounding out the story, our discovery of Greisen coincided with us approaching the bottom of the bottle by this time, something we incorporated into our logo (the wine ring stain).

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